Your EYE on the Payday Loan Industry  

Payday loan, cash advance, car title loan, etc. vendors and suppliers are listed below. Contact them. Perform your due-diligence. Talk to their existing customers. Get a copy of any contracts and review them prior to "signing on the bottom line." Make certain you understand all recurring fees, one-time setup costs, length of any contract, monthly or annual minimums, what is required to end your relationship, and any other issues that occur to you and your team!

Note: This is a very dynamic area. New companies develop, established companies modify, add, and discontinue products. We suggest you contact several vendors and thoroughly research your needs before entering any agreement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In most cases, if you mention Jerry and the "guys at Trihouse who wrote the book on payday loans" you will often receive a very nice discount!

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Get a Payday Loan Now Get Faxless Payday Loan Online   Toll Free:
Get a Payday Loan Now. No need to fax your documentation! Fast Cash! Instant Approval!!
Category Company WebSite Contact Phone Opportunity
Buy/Sell Gift Cards for Cash Opportunity Swap a Gift Profits Jeff Geyer 970.225.0333 Cash for Gift Cards provides a new revenue stream you can plug into your existing operations. It is an additional way to provide cash on the spot to your customers. provides the program, training, advertising and more.
Category Company WebSite Contact Phone Services
Collections ACA Recovery Jeff Winters 201-370-1378 ACA Recovery, Inc. is a full service debt recovery and accounts receivable management company, representing more than 50 years of combined experience.
Collections ARI Asset Resources Steve Petersen 763-585-4881 ARI is structured for your late-stage active or charge-off accounts. ARI talent and technology are merged to deliver Collection Mngt. Svcs that will produce maximum net-back collection recovery for your organization.
Collections Payday Loan Collection Help   877-256-2042 Check Data Systems uses a powerful data base called the Shared Check Authorization Network - SCAN to enable payday loan companies, pawn shops, check cashers, liquor stores, markets, etc. to collect their bad debt.
Category Company WebSite Contact Phone Email
Software Answers National Sales 1-800-275-1418 National Sales
Software TranDotCom Frank Cotton 678-355-1551 ext. 1278 Frank Cotton
Software eCheckTrac Mike 1-719-632-3760
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Consumer Data Teletrack Sales 1-800-729-6981
Category Company WebSite      
Web Site Hosting Web Hosting - $6.95/mo! Payday Loan Web Hosting $6.95     BlueHost is particularly good for building lead generation sites and for Google Adsense revenue. Also very good for developing Blogs to generate revenue and rank faster in organic search engine results.
Payday Loan Blogs     A blog that discusses the latest payday loan industry news, trends, education, conferences, strategies, tactics and more. Add your questions, thoughts and observations.
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Stored Value & Debit Card Providers: Place your ad here to eliminate the free listings below. Eliminate your competition!
Card Products Meta Pymnt Systems Trent Sorbe 605-695-9217  
Card Products CashPass Network Dave Willmott 952-358-7080 
Card Products NetSpend Aizel Jimenez
Card Products First View Espree   404-806-7244
Ext. (111)
Card Products I.C.E.   847-562-1698  
Car Title Loans   702-889-9555 Learn the car title loan business. Training, resources, education, strategies...
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Rapid Tax Refunds Instant Tax Service
Rapid Tax Refunds Tax Centers America
Rapid Tax Refunds Ultimate Tax Service
Rapid Tax Refunds Tax Wise
Buy/Sell Scrap Gold     Learn how to add $5,000/mo or more net income to your business buying and selling scrap gold. Resources, training, and more.
Payday Loan Lead Providers: Place your ad here to eliminate the free listings below. Eliminate your competition!
Leads eComLead
Leads Atomic Leads
Industry Magazine Cheklist Mag
PDL Legislation Attorney 702-889-9555
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corp FDIC   1-877-275-3342  
NACHA Electronics Payment Assoc. NACHA   703/561-1100
OCC Controller of the Currency OCC      
Publicly Traded
Advance America AEA Investor Relations 1-800-937-3437 Contact Advance America
Publicly Traded
First Cash Financial FCFS Investor Relations 1-877-855-8840 Contact First Cash Financial
Publicly Traded
EZCORP EZPW Investor Relations 1-800-873-7296 Contact EZPW
Legal Counsel: Do you have expertise with payday loans, check cashing, car title loans or pawn? Get listed below.
Legal Counsel Click the link and Print List of Lawyers     List of Legal Counsel in Adobe Acrobat

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